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How to use cpr verify website

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How to useCPR verify

For any AHA course you are going to take, you’ll need an account on CPRVERIFY.org On visiting the website, you’ll see a window as shown here.

Step 1 how to sign up at cprverify 1A – If you don’t have an account, click Sign up. 1B – If you already have an account, sign in. 1C – If not sure, click forgot password, it’ll send a reset link if you have an account. 1D – After signing up, if you did not receive email confirmation after signing up.

Step 2 CPR verify sign up If you’ve clicked sign-up, make sure to enter full name in second column (This will be printed on certificates and it cannot be edited later (as of now)

Step 3 Access the same email ID you provided on cprverify and find an email similar to the one shown. (Check spam/junk folder if it’s not seen in your inbox. iPhone users may have to move it out of junk to click on the link – just tap on menu and click not spam, then go to inbox)

Step 4 4Once you click on confirmation link, you should see a window showing your name at “1” and message at “3”. Now click Add course at “4” as in picture to enter the code received from your AHA training center. It’s a unique code for each candidate. Enter only 1 code per course and each code works only once.

Step 5 Add a course code on CPRVERIFYEnter the Course code you received in the green box and click add course.

Step 6 Click on “My courses”. You should see the course name and code you entered in that window.