How to use cpr verify website properly

In this post, we’ll show you how to use CPR verify website. For any AHA course you are going to take, you’ll need an account on On visiting the website, you’ll see a window as shown here.

how to sign up at cprverify

1 Step 1 -1A – If you don’t have an account, click Sign up. 1B – If you already have an account, sign in. 1C – If not sure, click forgot password, it’ll send a reset link if you have an account. 1D – After signing up, if you did not receive email confirmation after signing up.

CPR verify sign up
Sign up form

2 Step 2 – If you’ve clicked sign-up, make sure to enter full name in second column (This will be printed on certificates and it cannot be edited later (as of now)

email confirmation

3 Step 3 – Access the same email ID you provided on cprverify and find an email similar to the one shown. (Check spam/junk folder if it’s not seen in your inbox. iPhone users may have to move it out of junk to click on the link – just tap on menu and click not spam, then go to inbox)

4 Step 4 – Once you click on confirmation link, you should see a window showing your name at “1” and message at “3”. Now click Add course at “4” as in picture to enter the code received from your AHA training center. It’s a unique code for each candidate. Enter only 1 code per course and each code works only once.

Add a course code on CPRVERIFY

5 Step 5 – Enter the Course code you received in the green box and click add course.

6 Step 6 – Click on “My courses”. You should see the course name and code you entered in that window.