Terms of service


Once you make a booking, it is a confirmation to attend from your side. We will check if there has been an offline booking in the mean time that filled the available vacancy. You will be contacted within next 24hrs whether your place is confirmed from our end or not (Once fully paid).


Refunds involve 2 parties. Medcourse (the booking party) and Local organizer who conducts the course.

In case the event gets postponed or cancelled, you are entitled to receive a full refund from booking platform (the booking fee) if the new dates are not suitable to you. Rest of the payment (what you paid to the local organizer) refund policy is decided by the local coordinator. Most likely, if you were given any reading materials, they will have to deduct the cost of such manuals and they cannot be reused by the organizer.

If the event runs as scheduled and you are withdrawing yourself, no refunds will be issued.

Event cancellation:

Most of the time they take place as planned. In the unforeseen circumstances beyond our control, if the event is cancelled, Medcourse is not responsible for that. We only list a tentative calendar given by the organizer. All queries should be directed to the Organizer (their details will be shared to you upon booking)