How to download AHA eCards simplified 2021

If you have recently finished your American heart association training course and wondering how to download AHA eCards, you’ll need to download your eCard, which is available as a PDF file. If you are wondering where to find your AHA certificate after you are done with the course, read on.

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Visit the eCards webpage

Upon completion of the course, your ITC (AHA international training center) will process your certificate (timing varies between centers but most of them do it within 48hrs, some do it the same day), so that you can check and download your certificate any time within the validity of that card – 2 years from date of attending/ passing the course.
Your training center will give you an eCard code. Copy it and visit the eCard website by clicking the button below.

How to download AHA eCards
AHA eCards website interface.

Enter your code

Enter the eCard number on the last column or enter your exact details (name / email) to find your eCard and click on Search. If the data entered by you matches with a card that is already processed by your training center, it’ll ask you to setup a security question and answer. If the data does not match, it’ll give the following error.

No eCard found. Please contact your Training Center. 

This means, you have entered wrong data or your training center has not processed your eCard yet. Get in touch with your trainer.

If the data matches with an eCard, you’ll see the following screen. The first 3 columns and the Training center data is Autopopulated (Not editable). If you see any errors in name, contact your trainer before claiming the eCard. Just choose one of the following questions and enter an answer. (Note it down somewhere as it’s case sensitive. Meaning, PassWord and password are not the same)

Claim your eCard

Claiming your eCard on AHA website
Claim your eCard on AHA website
List of security questions to choose from. (Choose one)
  • What is the name of your best childhood friend?
  • What was the name of your first pet?
  • What is your all-time favorite song?
  • What is the name of a college you applied to but did not attend?
  • What is the name of the medical professional who delivered your first child?
  • What is the first name of your favorite niece/nephew?
  • On what street is your grocery store?
  • What is the first name of your mother’s closest friend?
  • What is the first name of your hairdresser/barber?
  • What was the first name of your favorite teacher or professor?

After finishing the above security module, it might ask for a survey about your training experience. Answer the questions with honest data and proceed to next page, where you can choose to download a full size eCard or a pocket sized eCard. Download the PDF file and save it or send it to your employer.

AHA eCard claimed

Check authenticity of eCard

How to check the authenticity of an eCard sent to you?

If you are an employer and you have received an eCard from someone, you can go to the same webpage linked above and click on 2nd tab “EMPLOYER” (See the 1st image on this page). Enter the code and verify the eCard. You can enter up to 20 codes in one go (Enter one code per line).

No code? No problem

What if you do not want to contact the ITC and you want to download the eCard by yourself?

What if you don’t have an eCard code but you have entered CPRverify code on course day? How to download AHA eCards in such situation? Visit the website and sign-in. If you forgot your password, click on “Forgot password on that page underneath login box. It will ask for your email ID registered with cprverify website. You shall receive password reset instructions to your email. (Check spam folder or junk folder if the email is not there in inbox. Move it out of junk folder if the reset link is not clickable).

After logging in, click on “My courses and feedback” (As shown in the picture below).

my courses

Click on course feedback link – Labelled as number 3 in the pic above.

If it says Not available as shown in pic, that means the course certificate is not yet issued or it has expired. If it’s expired, you will need to renew your certificate. If it’s not issued by the course organizer yet, wait till they process it.

If the feedback link is active, click on it and provide an honest feedback. After giving feedback, the e-card link becomes active (at number 4 shown in picture). Download it and print if needed, or forward the PDF file to those asking your certificate.

Now that you have learnt How to download AHA eCards, how about getting trained in some other medical courses?
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