About us

MedCourse is a portal where you can find different kinds of medical courses across the country.

We accept registrations to various events conducted by different organizers. The organizers share their calendar with us and we publish those dates online so that attendees can find such courses and book as per their choice. We verify the quality of such organizers from the first few attendees to ensure training quality is good enough to be recommended on Medcourse.

How it started?

When we used to conduct our BLS ACLS trainings at Hyderabad, not many people knew our schedule and it was difficult for us to get registrations. Once we started MedCourse in 2018, it helped us get registrations from many people who would find our sessions on internet and make a booking. We wanted to get such functionality all over the country. That’s when we started to have tie ups with different organizers and started sharing this portal with everyone.

What was just a hobby project turned into a professional service.



Dr Naveen R. Nimmala [MBBS, MRCEM-UK]

Director, MedCourse.