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Basic airway workshop


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Chennai AnnaNagar
13th Main Rd, Anna Nagar, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600040


Feb 15 2024


10:00 am - 1:00 pm



Basic Airway Workshop at Chennai | Rapid training in 3 Hrs

BLS ACLS PALS schedule in Chennai Tamilnadu

PlaceCourse and Dates
ChennaiBLS: Nungambakkam: 25, 27, 30 May 2024; 1, 4, 8, 11, 15, 18, 22, 28 Jun 2024;
Anna Nagar: Every Monday and Thursday (Book 1wk ahead)
ACLS: Nungambakkam: 26-27, 28-29 May 2024; 5-6, 12-13, 19-20, 23-24, 29-30 June 2024;
Anna Nagar: Every Tues-Wed and Fri-Sat (Book 1wk ahead)
PALS: 13-14 Jun 2024; 4-5 Jul 2024;
Basic Airway: Every Saturday
Difficult Airway: 13 Apr 2024
Mechanical Ventilation: 27-28 July 2024
Fiberoptic Bronchoscopy: 12 Apr 2024
MaduraiBLS: 8 Mar 2024
ACLS: 9-10 Mar 2024
CoimbatoreBLS: 15 Dec 2023
ACLS: 16-17 Dec 2023
BLS ACLS PALS schedule in Chennai Tamilnadu.

Basic Airway Workshop at Chennai – Improve your skills from the masters. Being competent in airway management is essential when dealing with patients. Your actions can make difference in someone’s life. The course is fast paced to help you complete it in a short time.


Recognize an obstructed airway

First and foremost, one needs to know when to act. Only when you identify a problem with the airway, you will be able to manage the issue that’s causing the airway compromise. Our trainers will teach you various signs that can help you identify the airway compromise in this basic airway workshop.

Use of OPA & NPA devices

If you identify an airway that’s compromised, you need to perform some basic airway maneuvers to help keep the airway open. Sometimes, that involves the use of airway adjuncts known as oropharyngeal airway (OPA) & nasopharyngeal airway( NPA) devices.

OPA usage by Staffordshire university
NPA usage by Staffordshire university

You will be trained on

  • How to choose a proper sized OPA / NPA
  • How to insert the OPA / NPA
  • How to secure the OPA / NPA
  • When to use them
  • When to avoid them (Most important)

Using BMV

Sometimes, just keeping the airway may not be sufficient. If the breathing effort fromm the victim is lacking, we may need to support with breaths via mouth to mouth ventilation or if you have a Bag-mask available, we can start using it. It is know as Bag mask Ventilation

BMV technique by Medscape

You’ll be taught on

  • How to select a proper sized mask suitable to the face
  • How to secure a proper air-tight seal on the face
  • Which kind of situations can pose a challenge in securing a seal
  • How to give oxygen when using BMV
  • How much volume to be pumped in each breath (Not too much and not too little)

Alternative airway devices – LMA & Combitube

Maintaining an open airway and ventilations using BMV alone is a challenge when you have to use them for a prolonged duration. In such situations, if you are not having advanced airway equipment or if you are not trained in using them, you should rather use alternative airway devices such as Laryngeal mask airway(LMA) & Combitube. These can help you buy time till an advanced airway can be arranged or till the victim is transferred to a better facility.

How to use an LMA
How to use a Combitube (LTS-D brand name)

You’ll be trained on

  • When to choose them
  • How to insert them
  • How to secure them
  • Different ports in them and their uses

Intubate a patient using Laryngoscope

Alternative devices should not be used for a prolonged time. When you have the equipment and expertise available, switch to an advanced endotracheal tube for reliable ventilation support. Mastering the use of laryngoscope is a real challenge and it comes with practice in your work set-up regularly. Use of various drugs during intubation is an elaborate topic and is dependent on various parameters and comorbid conditions of the patient which needs to be learnt separately (not part of this basic airway workshop).

Direct laryngoscopy technique by Eric shappell

What is being taught?

  • Parts of a laryngoscope
  • How to choose proper blade size
  • How to intubate using laryngoscope (technique)

Course fee

Total course fee (Subject to change) for Basic airway workshop is – ₹1500 (Pay 10% online and book a place)

How to register

1. Click on “Book Now” button below, choose preferred dates and and number of tickets, add to cart.
2. Upon booking, you will get a call from the organizer within 24 Hrs (working days only).
3. The amount you are paying is for reserving a place only. Rest of the amount shall be collected by the organizer.
4. Refunds will be provided in case we cannot get you a place or the organizer cancels/postpones the event. No refunds if you fail to attend.
5. Workshop organizers are responsible for cancellations, not MedCourse.
6. If the registrations are fewer than 4, the workshop may be postponed/canceled.

Questions about the basic airway workshop registration?

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