BLS Basic life support (Latest 2020 AHA)

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Endpoint of resuscitation

When to stop resuscitation in BLS – 2020 guidance

Starting Cardio pulmonary resuscitation is easy but knowing when to stop resuscitation during BLS is not known to many people. Till now it was not discussed much by the AHA but now we have some guidance on when to stop CPR.

Look for the following criteria:

  • The arrest was not witnessed by emergency medical services (EMS) personnel.
  • There is no return of spontaneous circulation (ROSC)(before transport).
  • The AED did not shock the victim (before transport), meaning non-shockable rhythm.

If only 1 or 2 criteria from above list match, you may continue your attempts to revive the victim and transport to the nearest emergency room for advanced resuscitation. Continue resuscitation during transport.

But if all the criteria match, you can withhold your attempts to revive the victim and depending on local protocols, you may declare death at the spot or move him to a facility to do so.

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