Introduction to Basic life support BLS

BLS course is one of the many courses from the American heart association which helps you get trained from one of the Authorized training centers across the world.
The validity of the card is 2 years from the date of training.
The course is conducted for about 4 to 6 hours depending on the number of candidates.
When you enroll into the course, you shall be given a printed manual that helps you prepare well for the course.
Before attending the course, you need to create an account on Checkout this article for guidance.
Please enter your full name while creating an account (Don’t use single letter initials for sur name/family name)
You will be given an alphanumeric code that needs to be entered on
Each candidate will have to score at least 84% in the theory test. (21 out of 25 questions)
American heart association allows you to open your manuals during the test (Open resource test).
The course is a little strenuous. So wear something comfortable for the test and do not skip breakfast.
At the end of successful completion of the skill test, you shall be given an e-card (online certificate) or physical printed card ( Physical cards are allowed only till december 2019).

All the best for the course.
Proceed further to start preparing on various aspects of BLS.
Each lesson will have some practice questions at the end.
After completing all the lessons you can go for a grand test to evaluate your preparation.

To find a course that’s taking place in your city, checkout the upcoming events and city wise events

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