BLS Exam Quiz

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  1. What is step 1 while using AED?1
  2. What is the ration of chest compressions to breaths in adults?1
  3. If there are 3 members in a team doing CPR, what can they do ideally1
  4. Why is chest recoil important1
  5. Regarding a bag mask device1
  6. Head tilt – Chin lift1
  7. When do you check pulse during CPR?1
  8. What to do after delivering a shock?1
  9. What happens with interruptions in chest compressions?1
  10. You are part of a team documenting the resuscitation. You notice the ventilations are ineffective. What should you do?1
  11. What happens when you compress at a faster rate than recommended 100-120 / min?1
  12. Your AED says shock adviced, what is your next step?1
  13. Regarding depth of chest compressions1
  14. What happens when you give excess air while ventilating?1
  15. What is closed loop communication1
  16. What is the national emergency number for INDIA?1
  17. Which is not a feature of high quality CPR1
  18. In a 2-rescuer BLS1
  19. In which of these cases, AED pads can be used normally?1
  20. What is knowing your limitations?1
  21. What is the full form of AED1
  22. What can AED shock do?1
  23. How to check the response in an adult?1
  24. Position of your hands during Chest compressions1
  25. For chest compressions to be effective, the surface should be1
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