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HIP 360 is an orthopedic workshop at Hyderabad by Medicover hospitals Orthopedic team and Telangana Orthopedic Surgeons Association (TOSA).
Organized by Dr Krishna kiran and Dr Chandrasekhar Dannana on 14th Sept.
The agenda is given below.

Table of Contents

Welcome to Orthopedic workshop at Hyderabad

Session 1 & 2

8.30-8.45Welcome & course overview
Session 1: Operative tips & tricks
8.40-8.45Assessment of limb length, version and stability intra operatively- videoDr Pradeep Poonnoose
8.45-8.50Uncemented Total Hip Arthro las -videoDr Vijay Kumar
8.50-8.55Cemented Total Hip Arthroplasty-videoDr Ashok
8.55-9.00Direct anterior approach- talk/videoDr Ramesh Chandra
Session 2: Live Surgery 1 (Moderators: Dr Vijay Kumar & Dr Uday Krishna)
9.00-9.45Primary THRDr Vijay Bose

Session 3 & 4

Session 3: Tribology
9.45-9.51Reliability of Biolox DeltaDr Martin Zimmermann
9.51-9.57All about TrunnionosisDr Ashok
9.57-10.03Ceramic composite in THA- what do we know from registriesDr Martin Zimmermann
10.03-10.09The impact of implant materials on clinical outcomeDr Martin Zimmermann
Session 4: THR instability
10.10-10.16Risk factors for THR instabilityDr Uday Krishna
10.16-10.22Dual mobili vs large head— the evidenceDr Praveen Mereddy
10.22-10.28Role of constrained liners in THR instabilityDr Srinivas Kasha
10.28-10.34Reconstruction technique of deficient abductorsDr Sai Laxman
10.34-10.40Algorithm for management of unstable hipDr Somashekhar Reddy
10.40-11.00Panel discussion on instability | Panel master : Dr Pradeep PoonnoosePanelists: Dr Ashok Raju, Dr Ashok, Dr Srinivas Kasha, Dr Vijay Kumar, Dr Anil Reddy

Session 5-7

Session 5: Live Surgery 2 (Moderators: Dr VBN Prasad, Dr Somashekhar Reddy)
11.00-11.45Primary THRDr Pradeep Reddy
Lamp lighting & InaugurationDr MS Goud, Dr Vijay Bhaskar, Dr p Sudhir Kumar
Session 6: Hip dysplasia 
11.45-11.50 High hip centre in dysplastic hip- is it a viable long term option in THR? Dr Vijay Bose 
11.50-12.10 Panel discussion on hip dysplasia | Panel master: Dr Vijay Bose Panelists: Dr Pradeep Poonnoose, Dr Somashekhar Reddy, Dr P Chandra Sekhar, Dr Praveen Mereddy, Dr PK Raju 
Session 7: THR in trauma 
12.10-12.16THR in failed trochanteric fracture fixations Dr P Chandra Sekhar 
12.16-12.22THR in acute acetabular fractures Dr Adarsh Annapareddy 
12.22-12.28THR in post acetabular fracture fixation Dr PK Raju 
12.28-12.34THR in fracture neck of femur Dr T Ramana Murthy 
12.34-12.40 Periprosthetic fractures- management algorithm Dr VBN Prasad 
12.40-13.00 Panel discussion | Panel master: Dr Vijay Bose Panelists: Dr Vijay Kumar, Dr Uday Krishna, Dr Sai Laxman, Dr Ramesh Chandra , Dr Vijay Reddy

Session 8-11

Session 8: Live Surgery 3 (Moderators: Dr Ashok, Dr Praveen Mereddy) 
13.30-14.15 Primary THR Dr Krishna Kiran Eachempati 
Session 9: Complex Primary THR 
14.15-14.21 THR in the young arthritic hip- concerns & options Dr Vijay Bose 
14.21-14.27 Tips & tricks in exposing a stiff hip Dr Ashok Raju 
14.27-14.33 Managing the femur in complex primary Dr Vijay Kumar 
14.33-15.00 Panel discussion on complex primary | Panel master: Dr Vijay Kumar Panelists: Dr Vijay Bose, Dr VBN Prasad, Dr T Ramana Murthy, Dr Ashok Raju 
Session 10: Live Surgery 4 (Moderators: Dr Pradeep Poonnoose, Dr Ashok Raju) 
15.00-16.00 Revision THR Dr Krishna Kiran Eachempati 
Session 11: Revision THR 
16.00-16.06 Classification of acetabular defects & treatment algorithm Dr Vijay Bose 
16.06-16.12 Classification of femoral defects & treatment algorithm Dr Pradeep Poonnoose 
16.12-16.45 Panel discussion on Revision THR | Panel master: Dr Vijay Bose Panelists: Dr Ashok, Dr Vijay Kumar, Dr P Poonnoose, Dr Pradeep Reddy