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When to stop resuscitation in ACLS – 2020 guidance

When the resuscitation is going on and there is no return of spontaneous circulation, we must stop our efforts at some point. This lesson will guide you on when to stop resuscitation in Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS)

When to stop resuscitation in BLS – 2020 guidance

Starting Cardio pulmonary resuscitation is easy but knowing when to stop resuscitation during BLS is not known to many people. Till now it was not discussed much by the AHA but now we have some guidance on when to stop CPR.

Post ROSC management detailed – 2020 guidance

As we continue the CPR, at every 2 min interval we tend to check if there is a pulse. Once there is a palpable pulse, we call it return of spontaneous circulation - ROSC in short. The care given after pulse is achieved is called as "Post ROSC management".

The adult chain of survival – BLS 2021

The adult chain of survival is a pictorial that outlines the sequence of events that should take place to maximize the chances of survival for a victim. Early initiation of CPR has been shown to increase the probability of survival in case of a cardiac arrest.